Boiler Installation in Harrow

AKAA Plumbing & Heating is a great choice of a company which serves excellent services for installation of new boilers in Harrow including various encompassing locations. As we are the best company for Boiler Installation in Harrow it becomes our responsibility that from the first contract to aftercare services, we will always be happy to assist you in your boilers and heating systems installation and repairing work. With keeping the best professional practices and polite behaviour. Not only that, but our team of professional experts could also install both combi and gas boilers for your homes but also gives the best post-installation services.

Why choose AKAA Plumbing & Heating for your new boiler installation in Harrow?

It is our main priority to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our work as we emphasise on giving excellent service to each of our customers. Gaining their trust is also our top priority as we value our services than the job size. So, we will constantly improve our service based on our customers’ needs and comments. You can see our exemplary services in the harrow location.

Not only that, but we are also aware that safety should be taken seriously during and after installation and repairing, thus, our team adheres with the safety precautions which have been set by the authority for this kind of work. For instance, if we are extending our services on the Harrow location we’ll check and read every single regulation related our work and abide by that in all circumstances. We never practice such things which are not approved by the law or conflicts the customer’s will.

  • Qualified and Accredited – Our engineers are fully qualified and accredited by most of the boiler manufacturers.
  • Meeting the customer’s requirements – We provide an on-demand boiler installation and replacement services as per the customer’s needs at a cheap cost. Interestingly, we can provide the best deals in the Harrow location as we are the biggest brand for the same.
  • Great deals throughout the year – We offer a wide range of affordable rates for our boilers and heating systems in Harrow coupled with the installation services every year.
  • Guarantee for all boilers – We provide a guarantee for up to 10 years for all boilers installed at your homes. Apart from this, we provide post-installation services in Harrow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • When should I replace my boiler?
      You should consider changing your boiler if you have used it for more than 15 years. Other than that, signs such as frequent repairs of your boilers, increasing fuel bills, yellow flames and black soot and a leaking boiler should also be considered. Delay in replacement can cause serious incidents to schedule an appointment with us, call on the 07495 558333 now. If you are located in Harrow location then you can avail our same day replacement service.


    • How long does a combi boiler last?
      It depends on the quality of your boiler and how frequently do you service them per year. Commonly, the combi boiler could last for 15 years or could be more, depending on the mentioned factors. To know better about how you can maintain the efficiency of combi boiler get in touch with our team – the best professional of Plumbing and Heating in Harrow.


    • Conventional boiler versus combi boiler. Which one is better?
      Generally, a combi boiler is much more efficient than the conventional boiler because you do not need to constantly feed your water tanks now and then to ensure that the water will keep flowing when you tap it on. A conventional boiler has two tanks, for hot and cold water respectively and the water needs to be boiled beforehand while combi boiler does not have tanks and you could instantly get the hot or cold water as you turn it on. To book harrow boiler installation from the experts call us at – 07495 558333.


    • How long does it take to install a new boiler?
      Installing a new boiler could last up to 3 days, depending on the scale of the project. The minimum duration is 8 hours. We can start the same day process without any delay in some locations like Harrow.


    • Do you also cover the Harrow area?
      Yes, we also provide our services in the Harrow area. We mainly focus on some parts of London, including Harrow. To find out more locations, visit our website at


    • How much does it cost to install a new combi boiler?
      We charge £450 for our installation service for a combi boiler. We also offer a free quotation to our customers. As being the biggest brand in the Harrow location we can offer some of the best offers that are hard to find.


    • Is it possible to replace a new boiler system to an old system?
      Yes, but for efficiency, we highly recommend you to stick with the new one. Furthermore, replacing from a new boiler too old system might cost you a lot more than installing a new one. Check out our extensive range of Bolier now to discover your best fit.