Cooker Installation

If you are looking for a reliable company to install your new cooker installation,
then we may be the right company for you. AKAA Plumbing and Heating offers
cooker installation service at an affordable price.
We provide our service in some part of London including Harrow, Wembley, Ruislip, Northolt, Ealing, HA1, HA3, HA2, HA5, HA8, HA9, Stanmore, Edgware.

Cooker Installation

Why Us?

We are an established plumbing and heating company who only serve excellent services to our customers.
We are committed to do the cooker installation work professionally as we are a team of highly experienced
engineers in this field. Not only that, the residents of London and Harrow would be highly satisfied with our quick cooker
installation progress and work. We have highlighted some of our highlighted capabilities and qualifications
that would make you decide to choose us as your cooker installer.

  • Qualified and Accredited – we consist of qualified gas engineers who have received accreditation from Gas Safe.
  • Same day installation– our engineers are always ready to be at your service on the day that you call us to install your cooker.
  • Cooker Installation Certificate– Cooker or Gas Hob Installation Certificate will be provided after installation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • How much does it cost to install a gas cooker?
      We charge only £55 to install a free-standing gas cooker.


    • Can I install my own gas cooker?
      We recommend you calling a qualified gas engineer to do the installation work for you. However,
      if you are competent enough to do it on your own, you may install it for yourself, provided that
      you follow all the important steps and gas safety regulations during installation.


    • How much does hob installation cost?
      Hob installation could cost around £60-£70, in average.


    • Do all gas cooker need electricity?
      Gas cooker requires electricity to run the igniter, clock/timer and light. However, the electricity is not used for heating.


    • Which is better, electric or gas stove?
      Choice of gas stove depends on your preference. But we highly recommend installing a gas stove as it cooks much faster than
      an electric one, and requires less energy compared to the latter since very little amount of electricity is needed.


    • Which is better, a gas hob or a gas stove?
      A gas hob is built to fit the kitchen countertop while a gas stove is a free-standing unit.
      A built-in gas hob is better than gas stove as gas hobs are equipped with flame failure device,
      which turn off the flame when the gas runs out. This could reduce the gas usage. Other than that,
      a gas hob also cooks much faster than a gas stove.


    • What is the gas cooker installation regulations?
      Gas cooker installation regulations is a set of rules that need to be followed by the owners to ensure the safety of new gas cooker.
      This regulation is a universal regulations used for any cooker installation, including dual fuel cooker. This includes the following:

        • Hiring a qualified gas engineer to install your new gas cooker.
        • Provide some space enough to put your gas cooker in place. This is because there should be a minimum clearance on top of the grill. You could find the details in the installation instructions provided with the gas cooker.
        • Ensure that your gas cooker is built with a flame failure device. This device is part of the gas burner system, whereby it would cut off the gas supply if the flame is extinguished.
        • Ensure that all of your gas appliances are certified by a Gas Safe Registered engineer once a year.
          This is applicable if you are a landlord as it is your responsibility to acknowledge the certifications.
          Apart from that, if you are a tenant, ensure that your landlord get the certification for all gas appliances in the house.


    • How much does it cost to install an electric cooker?
      Installing an electric cooker is normally cheaper than gas cooker installation.
      It also depends on the complexity of the work and cooker models.


    • What other components are included in your gas cooker installation service?
      Our gas cooker installation service includes the gas hob fitting and cooker hood installation.


  • What is the minimum clearance to install a gas cooker?
    The minimum space clearance is 300 mm or equivalent to 30 cm for either side of the cooker.
    This is in compliance with the gas cooker clearance regulations.
    Other measurement may depend on your gas cooker model.
    You should consult with a qualified gas engineer if you are unsure about the dimensions.