Megaflo Unvented Cylinder Installation

Installing a megaflo unvented cylinder requires the work of a qualified engineer.
If you are looking to install one at your house, then you may want to use our service to
get it done with. We are available in most part of London, including Harrow, ready to provide
you with our excellent and professional service.

Why Us?

Our team consist of highly experienced engineers with immense knowledge in megaflop unvented cylinders.
Our excellent customer service is one of our added values, which distinguished us from other installation companies.
Not only that, we provide many great offers for boilers alongside our installation and repairing services.
Below are our key specialties on why you should choose us to do the installation work for you.

  • Guarantee provided for all boilers – we provide 5 to 10 years guarantee for all boilers bought from us.
  • Highly experienced and qualified engineers – we have a team of highly experienced and qualified engineers who could install all types of cylinder and unvented systems, always ready to take your orders.
  • Installation certificate – after all installation work being done, we will provide an installation certificate for your future reference and keeping.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • How does a Megaflo system work?
      The water supply for Megaflow boiler system is cold water, which is then heated up using
      electricity by an internal immersion heater until a certain temperature set by the cylinder’s
      thermostat is reached.


    • Is Megaflo vented or unvented?
      Megaflo is unvented, which means that it gets the water supply directly from the mains.
      The water is supplied to the immersion heater cylinder to be heated up, or it can also be heated up
      by a central heating boiler.


    • What does a tundish do?
      A tundish ensures the flow of the water is smooth by preventing water splashes.


    • Why is my hot water tank overflowing?
      This could be due to valve being faulty or that there is an expansion in your cylinder.


    • What is an unvented cylinder?
      An unvented cylinder is where your boiler gets its source of cold water supply from the mains.
      The cold water is then heated up by using the immersion heater cylinder or directly by the central heating boiler
      itself. Unlike vented cylinder, an unvented cylinder does not need a cold water tank to supply the water.


    • What size cylinder do I need?
      Your cylinder’s size depends on how much water you use per day, and that how many occupants are there in your house.
      To be safe, the average hot water consumption for a person per day is between 30-50 litres.


    • How long do hot water cylinders last?
      Hot water cylinders could last for up to more than 30 years, if no major defects were found.


    • What temperature should I set my hot water cylinder to?
      The temperature of a hot water cylinder should be between 60-65 degree Celsius. This temperature
      is hot enough to kill damaging bacteria such as Legionella. On the other hand,
      a much hotter temperature would lead to scalding.


    • How much does it to cost to install an unvented cylinder?
      The cost to install a new unvented cylinder could reach £1,500, depending on the scale of work to be done.
      Replacing an old to a new one could cost cheaper, between £275-400.


  • How long does it take to install a boiler?
    Installing a boiler would take about 2-3 days. This duration should include the installation of
    unvented/vented hot water cylinders and other essential components.