Power Flushing

Is your boiler having a breakdown due to dirty water and sludge within it? Power flushing
is the thing that you might be needing at the moment, if your boiler is having issues.
We provide professional services in power flushing installation, with its chemical included
with the power flush. We are available in London and Harrow areas.

Power Flushing

Why Us?

We are committed to provide only excellent services to our clients. As a central heating system specialist,
it is our responsibility to ensure that your boiler is being taken of. With that, you would need a power flushing
to clean your heating system. We have a few highlights to prove that our service is professional and reliable,
as listed below.

    • Competitive price – we are aware of other companies who provide the same service. Hence, we charge our customers for a reasonable price, still within their budget with excellent results.
    • Experienced engineers – installing and carrying out power flushing work should only be done by competent individuals or qualified engineers. Our team consist of a team of experience and Gas Safe certified engineers to carry out the task for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • How long does a power flush take?
      To power flush a whole central heating system, half a day is needed to get the work done.
      However, a three-bedroom house could take up to 5 hours.


    • What happens during a power flush?
      During a power flush, your central heating system is being cleaned up by a chemical specially used
      for cleaning heating systems. This clean-up includes discarding blockages, sludge and anything that
      might reduce the efficiency of your central heating system.


    • How much does it cost for a power flush?
      The cost of a power flush, including its chemical depends on the number of radiators your
      central heating system has. The more radiators there are, the higher the cost of a power flush.
      Power flush radiators could get up to 16 radiators with the cost of approximately £645.


    • How often should you power flush central heating?
      Central heating systems should be power flushed every 5 to 6 years. However, if you have a good
      quality of heating system, the number of intervals could reach up to 10 years.


    • Does power flushing really work?
      Power flushing removes sludges from your heating system but it does not entirely clean them up.
      Some sludges may still present but your heating system would work better than before.


    • How often should you flush your radiators?
      Radiators should be flushed every 5 years in average.


    • Is radiator flush safe?
      A clogged radiator would affect the efficiency of your heating system.
      You should keep it flushed regularly to prevent your heating system to be overheating.
      It is safe to use on all cooling system metals.


    • Will a radiator flush help overheating?
      Yes, radiator flush would help prevent overheating as the smudges are removed from
      your central heating system.


    • Is radiator flush necessary?
      Yes, a radiator flush is necessary in order to keep your heating system running smoothlyand
      increase its durability.


  • How much does it cost to hire people to install a power flush?
    The installation cost varies as it depends on the scale of your central heating system.